Here at Alma’s Light ūüí° we have a team of individuals dedicated to helping students succeed.  This doesn't just stop at providing school supplies, our goal is help prepare students for success in life.  Our mission statement as a group does not define the amazing things we can all do as individuals.

Each of us have our own goals, dreams, and set of strings that pull on our heart.  Our team of spirited and enthusiastic volunteers have just one question for you, what’s your Alma project?

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We also like to highlight other projects that are making an impact in their community.  By working with other organization and projects, we can pool our strengths and extend the reach further than imagined.

If you’re interested in getting featured, tag us on social media with #whatsyouralmaproject, or send us an email and let us know what you’ve been up to!¬† We are very excited to help get the word out!


Financial Education

Most students leave school today without a basic financial understanding of how to manage finances in the real world. Eric has decided to make a difference and help establish a basic financial foundation through mentoring and workshops starting in 2020.

By addressing these knowledge gaps, we can help others navigate the pitfalls that tend to catch many in a financial loop that can be hard to free onself.

More information on this project will be coming soon!

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